Open shops

I had a long open shop on Saturday from 4 to 10, and then another last night from 7 to 10. The first had a couple new faces- Ioannes came out to fire his first project, a shield boss done in 410. Maelgwyn got him started, and they did a nice job. Phelan needed some repairs done to his gauntlets (nice ones by Master Connor) and his arms. Eleanor had more to do with the helmet she's been working on. It had gotten tack welded together in the wrong spots so that it didn't really fit. I riveted it together so we could improve the fit and added a dart in the back.
Last night Masters Jovian and Peter came over. Jovian had a number of pieces to clean up, and Peter (Max) had some things to fire. I managed to get the last couple pieces of my right sabaton cleaned up and re-attached, and grew the lacing holes in the left sabaton. After a final polish I think they're ready for the arts and science competition this weekend. I just have to assemble all my documentation into a pretty format.


Kevin said…
We need pics of the finished sabatons!

Isungr said…
Woof. Those are nice. And that's the understatement of the year.

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