Open shops Feb 11th and 18th

On the 11th Don Maelgwyn and Master Jovian came out. Jovian's been reworking his leg and arm harnesses. Here he's attaching spring steel splints to the leather backing:

Maelgwyn's working on some spring stainless gauntlets here:

I puttered around on the lathe trying to make a better form for my greaves. Despite the repairs Casey and Jason made I'm going to have to buy a new spur center for it. Even with the redwood I was playing with just didn't have enough grip to turn properly.

Maelgwyn shared his gorget pattern with me and I started building a new one for myself.
On the 18th Jovian and Count Reynard came out. Jovian attached straps to his pedepsele (it's a Byzantine shin protector thingie I can't spell), and worked on patterns for another one he'll be making in 410. He's also working on a splinted vambrace design. I like this shot because he looks like Tim the Toolman:

Reynard's been working on a new set of legs. Last time he came over we got everything cut out. We did a little filing and grinding, all the rough shaping and I got one of the legs articulated. There's a gap on one side of one that causes a scissoring I'm not happy with, so there will be a little rework to do. Here's Reynard working on a cuisse:


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