Booty, and recent commissions

I've been working with Clalibus to iron out the details of the jupon for a couple months, and I'm tickled pink about how it's turned out. It looks better with the breastplate under it, and there's lacing over the hips that isn't quite done yet. We have to make some points for those laces, and he put in eyelets to lace the avantail down to.

This is going to get a post of its own later, but I'm insanely happy with this piece. My aunt Mary footed the bill for Steffen Fischer to make this medieval bagpipe for me. He makes pipes for Wolgemut (I'm a huge fan of the band) and his quality is evident. I love the sound, and despite the challenges of learning a new instrument I'm having a great time with them. Thanks Mary! (I REALLY have been trying to call to give a more personal thank you earlier, I just can't seem to get free before 10pm your time.)

I wish I'd gotten a picture of the full set of beads I commissioned Zacharia to make for ransoms for us for Lysts. She did a variety of glass buttons, beads, hollows and even a vessel in red white and black. We gave them (and beer, chocolate, a wooden box I won as a tourney prize and a few other nice things) as ransoms, thank you gifts and tokens of esteem and appreciation. I was thrilled with her work. She even worked in some great white crescents. Here are the ones that remained after the event pictured with a few ransoms we received that made it home with me:

The banner Isabella made for me in trade for the cops in the last entry. The light in our kitchen gives a yellow hue the banner doesn't have.


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