Shop, helm, knees

April 15th. Centurion Maelgwyn gives some new guys advice on planning kits. Sir Ysfael is planishing. Master Peter of the Golden Isles is to the right.

Centurion Eleanor tries on the helmet she's working on. We need to shrink the occular a touch.

April 22nd shop. Clalibus and Randy are in the foreground. Randy (with an appropriate halo of light) is a physical therapist and was nice enough to take a look at my ailing thumb. He did some manipulations on it which seemed to help. It's been healing a bit better in general, but his work and advice made it easier to fight at Lysts- so a big public thanks to Randy! Clalibus did a great job on a new jupon for me. It didn't quite make it in time for Lysts, but it's beauty makes up for the wait.

I hadn't posted the completed pic of my last commission. This is how they turned out:

The next commission is essentially the same but bigger. Here's how the knees are coming:

So there's still some forming to do on the more complete cop. It needs to be opened up a little, smoothed over, have the edges flared, holes punched, then heat treated. The other one needs that, plus a lot more dishing. I had good success dishing the one by focusing on the outer edge first, attacking it in little chunks, almost crimping into my shallowest swedge block. It worked quickly and pretty easily with a spherical dishing hammer, without having to alter the design or anneal it.


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