Listen to the music of the moment

I have a lot of nervous energy tonight since my wife's at the hospital getting tested for swine flu. No joke. I did some dishing and planishing on Isabella's knee cops until it was too late to politely make pounding noises, then turned my energy to music.

I've had the new pipes for about two weeks now and I've put down my efforts on video. Over all I'm still quite happy with them. The upper C is really sharp, and the lower C doesn't hit quite right- it squeaks to a higher register unless the pressure is just right. The first video is of In Taberna Quando Sumus. It's one of the Carmina Potoria (that's fancy talk for drinking song, and I think I'll be using that phrase a lot, by golly) of Carmina Burana. Corvus Corax recorded a very high energy version of it that I like. With some practice and some better recording equipment than my wife's little digital camera maybe I'll record a great version of it too. Meanwhile, this one's not bad:

This next one shows a wider range and a more sober subject. It's Cantiga de Santa Maria number 353. For those of you too lazy to follow the link it's a large collection of songs in praise of the Virgin Mary (is virgin capitalized there? It feels like part of her name, I just don't know) and stories of miracles she performed. The collection was created under the direction of Alfonso X (el Sabio, one of the coolest sobriquets you can earn) in the 13th century.

My wife just got home- and doesn't have swine flu! Looks like I slaughtered all of our pigs for nothing. Well, except the salty joy of bacon. She does have a viral infection which most likely I can look forward to picking up soon. Oh well.


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