Creasing the knees

My knees compared to the shop poster of St. George. There's a little more of a peak in the center of my knee which could use a touch more sanding down, but otherwise the shape is pretty close.

I tackled the the creases in the knees a little differently than I have before to get just the depth and shape I wanted. I laid the crease with a narrow and very blunt chisel over a v gouge in my swedge block, tapping along very carefully in four or five passes. This left a V shaped embossing which was too dramatic a departure from the curve of the main cop. In the original the crease flows smoothly. So I planished on the inside with my smoothed over straight pein Peddinghaus hammer with the narrower U on the edge of my swedge as the backing. I put the peak of the crease floating up in space so it wouldn't get dented back flat, and just planished on the highest part of the U's curve. I'm pretty pleased with the results. I might planish a little more on a ball stake before sanding this to perfection.


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