St. George

Since the look I'm copying is a depiction of St. George I've gotten a little preoccupied with the saint himself. There's an abnormally good article on George here at Wikipedia. His Roman ties and connection with earlier mythology is particularly interesting.
St. Michael, another dragon slayer perplexes me. I mean, most saints, like Francis of Assisi, or Edward the Confessor, are people who led good lives and are venerated. Sure, folks like George may have their details lost to the mists of time and scrambled with other theology, but at its root there's a person somewhere. St. Michael is an arch angel. I just don't get how he's a saint.


Kevin said…
According to my favorite Catholic librarian, Michael is a Saint because he is known by name and known to be in heaven, therefore he is available for intercessory prayer. The three angels named in the Catholic bible (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael) are all referred to as saints for this reason.


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