Labor day brewing and cuisses

I started a batch of cider, and a raspberry witbeir over the weekend. The cider was mostly in preparation of my buddy Knoch's visit in October (and it's an easy recipe). The witbeir isn't one I've tried before. It went really well though. The only snag was over filling the carboy a bit. I had some cleaning to do this morning due to an overflowed air lock.

In other news I did the rough forming and planishing on the cuisses. The planishing took, wow, about 3 hours- way more than I wanted to spend on them. I still have creasing, and flaring which will probably be hot work. Oh- if you look very carefully at the original I'm copying there's really no evidence of a lame between the cop and the cuisse. That's done in one extant cuisse I know of, and to get the articulation to work they bulged up the end of the cuisse to be in the position the lame would be when it's flush with the cuisse. It's a tricky thing to shape, and I've never seen it on a completed piece of armour in the SCA. Should be a fun challenge.


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