Being cute and making some noise

Here's Zoe with the racket my Aunt Mary bought me:
Its name comes from "rocket" since it looks like a firework. The little white trapezoid by her right hand is a double reed, and there are series of pipes on the body and holes on the sides to let you change the notes. It's also called a pocket bassoon, since it sounds like one, and could fit in a big coat pocket.
Here she's posing with one of my shawms, which is a double reed ancestor of the oboe. The shawm has a louder, coarser sound, though much of that depends on the maker, the reed, and the player.
Those two instruments are out of town right now getting examined for new reeds by a fellow from Piffaro.
Here's a little video I put together this evening of Cantiga de Santa Maria 353 on the shawm I bought from Baron Ihon. Here's another I did on the bagpipes (again, thanks to Aunt Mary). I was particularly eager to get that sound recorded, since I recently did some surgery on the bagpipes.
I started putting up other random videos I've been collecting. Here's one of me and Goetz fighting back in September.


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