Good practice

Duke Kein has been doing his fighting school again, but this time it's convening at the regular baronial practice site. I managed to participate last night and got some good things out of it. And some serious bruises. We started out with some drills on doing a quick close which I like, then did a "circle of death" where you fight each person in the circle. We had a big turn out, so the circles were split into advanced and intermediate fighters. I only brought my glaive, so I ended up fighting with it against some of the best fighters in the area. Doing so against lots of sword and shield guys on a smallish field kind of hurt. Sometimes even the other pole arms hurted. But then we went on to do a tournament in the style Ansteorra does its crown tourneys, and I got more focused. I ended up winning. It's funny, I was waffling about even fighting last night, and I worked insanely late to put off the decision, but it turned out to be a good time and a good boost of momentum.


Helene said…
I'm sorry I missed saying "hi". You were so engrossed in the fighting, I didn't want to kill the groove. It looked like fun!
Maelgwyn Dda said…
All hail Gaston, King of the Concrete!
Helene- Eleanor mentioned you wanted to say hello. Sorry I missed you. How's the dissertation going?

I'm going to have to up my game if I want to become duke of the concrete. Maybe even get one of those new fangled shield thingies.

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