Neat French search engine

Master Peter tipped me off to this neat French search engine.
In the Auteur de l'oeuvre field try entering one of these guys:
Werve This is just from my weird little Burgundian scuplture fetish, but a lot of other artists are represented.
Or in the Nom de l'objet field try
Armure -you'll see the armour from Chartres
philippe le hardi -you'll find the tomb and mourners of Philip the Bold including some works not by the sculptors above.
verre - more glass than you can shake a stick at (not that you should shake sticks at glass)
bois - wood, including many sticks for shaking at glass stuff.

Take some care, since even in my brief searches I found two pieces which were later copies (one painting, and one scupture). The searches are all in modern French so a quick swing by your high school text book and you can find a ton of neat pictures.


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