Daily arm progress

Last night after putting Zoe to bed I patterned the vabrace, rerebrace, and that funky little inner arm lame. I cut them all out, curled the rerebrace, the lame, and the upper part of the vambrace. I did the shaping on the lower half of the vambrace and rolled the cuff. It all turned out to be far easier this time and took WAY less time than before. I used the little chunk of pipe in the vice, a straight pein hammer with a lot of small its, the kettle stake, my brown handled raising hammer, one of the raising hammers Max loaned me, and one of my modified ball peins to planish. Oh, and the rawhide to do the major shaping. I tried Bernie's yellow hammer to get some curve up near the elbow (pounding into a wooden stump) but just wasn't getting the depth or shape I wanted, so I reverted to the rawhide.
I couldn't find the fine sharpies, so I used the compass to score a line. It might just be the best rolled cuff I've done. I used the brown handled raising hammer for most of it, closing the roll with the sharp end.
Not bad for about two hours of work! It feels like I'm a bit behind schedule anyway. The hinges, the planishing (including mounting the planishing ball on the rod I bought) cutting slots and polishing are all going to take a TON of time. If I can get things ready to fire by Thursday I might be able to finish up. I'm thinking of skipping the strapping for the competition on Saturday.


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