Musee de l'armee arm

The cop for the Musee de l'armee is more different than I'd presumed. It's far deeper and the fan is quite different than the Black Prince's or the Chartres arm. Despite that I managed to pattern the cop and the lames, cut, sand and pound them out in an evening last Wednesday. Must take pictures. I got a lot of depth in the cop using a variety of hammers. The raising hammers worked well, though I even used a ball pein for some of it. My only applicable planishing stake needs to be mounted on something still, so getting this smooth might be tough.
Based on the proportions of with the rerebrace it looks like the vambrace is far shorter on this than the BP harness. I'm going to pattern a new vamb and rere tonight and pound them out. The vambrace is probably the hardest part, so we'll see how that goes. The hinges, articulation and firing have to happen on Wednesday. Polishing and fitting have to happen on Friday to make it all in time for the A&S competition on Saturday. It's a very tight timeline. I might get more time Thursday night during the open shop, but so many people are using my tools then it's tough.
The articulation class went well, though we ended up chatting about a lot of weird off topic things in the middle of it. We did get a lame added to Bernie's knee cop though, so it was fairly productive.


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