Learnin' stuff

The metalurgy class went pretty well. I managed to cram in definitions for all the key relevant terms, what's going on at a molecular level, how to manupulate it all, and some period examples of what our forebearers were able to do. It was probably way more information than anyone could really absorb in 15 minutes though.

I did some welding with Max's oxy accetalene rig. I'm thinking it might be a good direction to go. It would give me options to weld tools and helms and some spot specific heat.

I've been wanting to enter a new arm harness in the baronal A&S competition on Feb 2nd. The deadline is looming large and I have almost nothing done on it. I want to do the Musee de l'armee harness I took pictures of in 2006. It's close to the Black Prince arm so I should be able to reuse the cop design, the lames, and most of the vambrace and rerebrace. The fan is different, the hinges are different, there's a roll at the wrist on this one, and an extra plate at the bicep. Maybe I can do a work in progress display...


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