Open shop with classes!

Last week I started doing a series of little 15 minute classes in the armour shop. Here's the schedule for January:
Jan 10th Riveting. We'll cover rivet types, sources, what kind to use where, rivet sets, how to pein, and ways to remove them. We'll also look at some pictures of 14th century rivets which you can do really cheaply. The hands on part of this will be limited to 5 people.

Jan 17th Metalurgy. Carbon content, heat treating, what the relevant technical terms mean, and what some Medieval artifacts were made from. This will mostly be theoretical, but we might fire up the forge to do a demo.

Jan 24th Articulation. I'll do an overview of shell articulation, the general idea of how and why it work, cover a method that lets you do it on your own, and touch on some tips and tricks to making articulation smooth and pretty.

Jan 31st Armour picture show. We'll look at as much armour as we can cram into 15 minutes to get a better idea of what it's really supposed to look like.

The first class wasn't super smooth, since my mother in law had to go to the hospital about 6:30pm that evening, leaving me to watch Zoe, and it being too late to cancel. We had a couple new people show up (Stephan from the Florilegium and his wife). I did a bit more prep for the metalurgy class. Hopefully I can keep it to 15 minutes so folks can still get stuff done. There's a lot to talk about, but it's unclear how much folks really want to know.

We had a great fight practice on Tuesday, and I fought a lot of pole axe, glaive and spear. Some of it was the scenarios, but I was doing quite well. My point control has improved considerably, and my stamina is good. I guess all this diet and exercise stuff isn't a fairy tale...


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