Fire the hole

Master Peter came over last night and I fired a few dozen splints, part of a rapier hilt, some cops and a helmet for him. I finished up the sabatons and sent them with him off to Pennsic to sell. I'm not sure we're on the same page about price, but we'll see what they bring in. He got me talking about French and Burgundian armour and it really made me want to compile a paper on them. They're just not studied much directly, getting over-shadowed by the flashier Italian and German schools.

Ok so here's a fun time waster kind of goal- gather pictures of of Burgundian and French pieces of armour. I'm thinking 100 points of each where extant pieces count as 5 points, effigies count as 3 and illuminations count as 2. I should post some highlights and general conclusions here.


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