Raw materials

The 410 arrived yesterday. I got a bunch of red linen from the war company order about a week ago, and I have a few pounds of flax fibre to stuff the new helm liner with. I hate having to maintain my present gear, but really my present helm liner is falling apart. It literally coughs up hairballs like a sick cat. I might have enough to do the next helm liner with too, particularly if I find a decent way to soak the grunge out of the fibres in my present hat and reuse them.

Last night I fought a bit. My thumb was killing me. I had a few decent fights doing sword and shield, but just couldn't block with my sword after a while or throw a decent shot. I switched to glaive and did a mostly training bout with Martel which was almost entirely thrusting. The upside is it showed me exactly what I need to do with my gauntlet to avoid making the injury worse.

Building a nice new sword, new basket hilt and a strapped tear drop are likely to reinvigorate my sword and shield fighting. My focus just hasn't been on that gear lately and it's in a sorry state. The center grip I've been playing with is fun, and it's pretty effective, but it's sort of like an amusing toy. I really want to be able to hook more and get in closer.


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