Goals, goals, goals

I'm all about the goals, so it's time to get specific. Working backwards, I need to have the new kit done before March for Gulf War. To do the kit right will require the following:
New arms- they're hidden, so they're not super critical, but they should be pretty low profile. I've got good working patterns for arms so these should be relatively quick. January will be the month for these.
A new helm- This is going to take some work. I'll have to buy a new avantail, and make a liner for it. Even after the difficult steel part is done these take a lot of time. I should also do a prototype helm first including a face plate. Gotta go pig face on this one and have to me sure the vision is good if I'm going to fight in it a lot. December is the helm month.
Two new belts- one's a fancy and possibly heavy hip belt. The other is the small one at the waist. I'd love to figure out what that other belt over the butt is all about too, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it.
Surcoat/jupon thingie. I'd like to do some prototyping on embroidery or painting for this too. The belts and surcoat can happen in November.
I desperately need a new breastplate, which really has to be done before the surcoat pattern is ironed out. I'll have to get this rolling in October too to give Stef some time on the surcoat. Honestly that can push to December and go in parallel with the helmet work.
Cuisses through demigreaves. The knee cops could use some pattern work, and that leads to the lames needing some too. I'll prototype this in 4130, and maybe play with the cuisse in it a bit too. October will fill up pretty quickly with these.
This leaves September for greaves and August for sabatons. They both clearly need to be prototyped. I've done the frontal greave in 4130, but need to learn how to shape the back and develop tooling to help planish it. The sabatons shouldn't be super hard, but there will be some learning to do with working and heat treating the 410 and some pattern development. August will be really busy with travel too, so I'll have to get a head start on these now and expect a little spill over into September.
Ok, so I really have to buy some 410 right away now to get the whole list done.
I have the second 4130 sabaton pretty much figured out. It needs the strap holes punched, a little more shaping, firing, polishing, and rearticulating. I learned some things while doing them, and I'll probably end up selling them to fuel the next big project.


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