Chamberlain of Burgundy's Tonlet

This is mostly eye candy for now, but a friend from the Armour Archive wants me to make it for him in spring stainless:


It's a cool piece but it looks frumpy to me because of the shape.
As in if Santa wore armour that would be his kit? ;)
That's the kind of Santa I could get into!
Aaron Miaullis said…
Hi Gaston!

Yes, I'm still very interested in making a version of this suit. I'd be putting in 16th century "wrap" elbows to cut down on the need for mail. The helmet would be a little less fluted (easier to make IMO) and have a four point securing instead of two, like Henry VIII's tonlet.

Now, what would be worn UNDER the suit? I need to show up wearing that before we start building.

With thanks,

Aaron- Why the concern with maile? Are you intending to use the suit for fighting with steel swords?

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