I wandered on down to Ffynnon Gath yesterday and had a great time. I entered the arts and sciences competition with my sabatons, and the brewing competition with my Guter Spise mead, then put my helm on to play some ogre ball. I was one of two knights on the field, so I ended up as captain of one of the three teams. I had Phillippe, Uther, Maddog, Abel, and Alexander on my squad. There were a lot of centurions on the field, and the competition was intense but very fun. My team ended up scoring the most points, which is done by hauling Flossie, a 50lb fake sheep over the enemy team's goal line. You can hit your opponents with any weapon, or even pummel them with the sheep if you like. It's brutality at its finest.

The arts competition had some great entries. There was a 14th/15th century embroidered pouch. I think it was Westphalian. It was very pretty, finished well inside and out, nicely documented made with beautiful smooth silk thread and even done with a good combination of colors. There was a carved drinking horn of a sort I've been quietly lusting after for years, but just can't justify with my persona. There was a mask, hat and hood of the sort used by plague doctors, and a very nicely stitched, stamped and dyed leather scabbard. In the end my sabatons took the prize, which was a lovely basket of goodies- fabric, a book, a pouch and two candles.

The brewing competition drew a lot of variety. I saw a blueberry mead, and a few different wines, but because of the ogre ball I didn't have much chance to really explore what was there. One thing I saw as a smart presentation- a classy bottle with a few clear shot glasses for tasting. Documentation for the competition was a little tough- the content was a breeze for me, but with the sweating bottles and the windy site I wish I'd put my documentation in a little book to keep it stable and dry. It was only two pages, so binding it seemed excessive until it came to putting the doc on the judge's table. The mead was a bit hit, won first prize (a similar basket which I gave to Zoe) and I was approached by four separate people for more tastes afterward. Good thing I brought extra!

Oh, I also entered a raffle when I signed in at gate and bought a T-shirt (they say it's maroon, I prefer to call it burgundy for some reason). I won the raffle too.
It was a good day.


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