Where my work went

The knee cop on the left is one of mine. I just did the steel. The greaves on the right were done by my buddy Martel. I think Isabella did most of the rest- not sure who did the steel knees on the right.

An update with new pictures:


The cuisses and knees on the right were made by Sir Johannes of Windrose armory.
I took some better pics of the leg harness now that it's as done as I can make it for now.


Feel free to use the pics however you like. I'll have more when the arms are done too.
Thanks! Looks like you glued on the fringe at the bottom? What kind of glue did you use?
Amanda said…
I riveted the leather on in two places with the holes that were already there. I cut the fringe on the bottom to look like ermine spots. :)

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