Leg progress

Checking the knees for symmetry. I'm probably obsessing about them matching more than is necessary, but I'd like the curves to be the same. I check how they nest into each other, the widths of the edges, and how their profiles or horizons compare. They still need creasing, and I'm not quite happy with the transition from the dome to the fan. I do like that they're more of a U shape than my previous endeavors, which were more V shaped. It's more correct, and they'll articulate better.

A couple of the stakes I've been planishing on. The big ball is on loan from Master Peter. I cobbled together the small one from a cannon ball I got on ebay and some light smithing work. It still doesn't quite fit in the hole right.

I've been using a chunk of I-beam Master Iolo gave me to straighten out the fans. It looks like they were almost completely flat on the original. "Flat" is turning out kind of tricky to do.
Knees and demi-greaves roughed out:


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