Event planning

Zoe and I went up to Three Queens over the weekend and had a great time despite it being kind of last minute and haphazardly planned, and waking up in the wee hours this morning in a large and slightly muddy puddle. The fighting was fun (though really the scenarios need to be simpler so folks can get more fighting in; standing around talking about the rules is boring), we got to go swimming in the lake a couple times, and made sand castles on the beach. Making s'mores Saturday night was Zoe's highlight.

I'd like to plan out events farther in advance so I'm well prepared for them, and can get more folks on the same page. It's just more fun when you get to hang out with your friends and beat on people with them. So here are the events I'm planning on doing soon:
I'd like to do Ursae Lyons which is October 16th-18th. Points in its favor are 1. I've never been to it, which is sort of lame because it's not far away and there are nice folks down there 2. There's both individual and lance combat. 3. The A&S competition looks fun. 4. I like both the outgoing and incoming barons. Points against: 1. Not sure if my gear will be dry by then. 2. Not sure if I can mobilize the lance that fast. 3. I really need to spend some time working on projects. I have armour to build, benches to make, music stands, music to practice, things to brew....

Bryn Gwlad 30th year anniversary. I'm teaching a class with Master Peter on armour repair the morning of the 24th of October, and doing music for Amata's laurelling ceremony that evening. Right now it looks like Loraine Alman is the top choice for the processional.

Bordermarch Autumn Melees, Novmber 19th-22nd.

Crown is Jan 8th-10th in Huntsville, Tx.

Centurion War College Jan 15th-18th. It's here in Bryn Gwlad, and should be fun. Might be a good venue to host a party... big fire... beer...

Shadowlands is hosting a ball on the 23rd of January that looks fun. I really should travel more to play music. January's looking very busy for me event-wise.

Candlemas here in Bryn Gwlad Feb 5-7th.

Gulf Wars, March 14th-21st.

Lysts at Castleton April 9th-11th.

Steppes Warlord May 28th-30th

King's College June 11th-13th.


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