Right knee mostly articulated

You can see the new shape I gave the fan here. It was rubbing on the cuisse, so I made a new pattern for it, traced it on and trimmed it. This lets the fan be symmetrical and gives me some hope of making the opposite fan match. I also gave it it a very shallow dish outward using the big punch out the harness is now resting on. I learned that the flare at the end of the cuisse should be fairly subtle. I over did it earlier and spent some time this evening pounding it back down so the cop could freely rotate. I'd like to push the beginning of the fan out a little in future versions to help get the full arc of the cop completed before the articulation point, which should be farther into the flatter plane- i.e. the side of the U rather than the curved part. It will make the articulation smoother and easier to do. I played with putting the articulation point out on the fan itself, which you occasionally see in original pieces and effigies, but decided against it.

These edges need to be trimmed to form a straight line. The lame was intentionally left long so this would be easy.


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