Laurel's Prize

Jean-Marie, Claire, Zoe and I went down to Laurel's Prize a couple weeks ago and had a good time. We all (except Zoe) displayed some things, socialized and chatted with The Learned Ones. I was impressed by a number of displays like this one Sasha did of a Persian feast:

She made a jam out of squash that Zoe loved. Seriously, she got a 5 year old to love squash. Well, with that much sugar it wasn't a monstrous task, but it really was good. I loved all the nice pots, and everything I got to taste was yummy.
There was this outstanding iconography display Oksana put together:
I particularly liked how she showed different methods and stages of the preparation and gilding. Her husband went hog wild with his wood working display, including a lot of tools, kind of a living history pen where he worked on pieces, and a laptop with video of him working.

He also very patiently taught Zoe how to use the bow drill, which was very fun. She got the knack fairly quickly.
The lunch they put on was mostly modern food, but it was fantastic and abundant. Folks were raving about it with very good reason. Over all, it was a very nice event, and well worth doing again.


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