My friend Amata is having her laurelling ceremony this Saturday, and since she's Italian, she's decided on a Venetian carnival theme. To add to the ambiance we're wearing masks for the procession. Zoe and I started ours on Sunday, and they're turning out pretty nicely:

Hers is the one that's still leather-brown. It's going to be a lion, in honor of her performances as the Cowardly Lion and Simba in her plays this year. Mine has the first coat of paint on it, and is going to be a stylized griffin.
I spent another hour this evening making little tweaks to the right leg- trimming a bit here and there, planishing, grinding smooth, and adjusting the lame, demi-greave and cuisse so they line up just right. One thing I'm seeing is that it's way easier to use a tapered punch to stretch the articulation holes a touch than it is to force a rivet through the hole. I've had an issue on other pieces with the rivet set leaving a very slight dimple around the hole which this lets me avoid, and the articulation ends up a little looser.


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