Curling- it's not just for Canadians any more!

It was too hot and too late to fire up the forge and play with tempering, but I did do some shaping. The start:

I took the roll at the ankle slowly and it went very smoothly. I'm a bit bummed that I don't really have anything with the exact curves to match these, but a lot of it can be hand formed.

Seriously, the stuff shapes like butter. I used the yellow headed hammer in the first pic for everything but the roll. I pounded the lames out with it on the swedge block, did some more shaping on the kettle stake, and a little hand tweaking.
The roll I did with a reshaped ball pein and the rounded back face of my red handled cross pein. It turned out nice:

That beer was good too. I don't think I've had Sam Adams cherry since college. I've been craving cherries lately for some reason.
This gives an idea of what I'm putting the sabaton over and the obsessive fitting I've been doing even from the early stages:

I got this far in the hour I had to work tonight:

There's probably a bit left to trim on the lames, but I want to wait until it's articulated to do that. I'd like to be a bit further along, but I'm quite happy with the results so far.


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