Diving in to 410

OK, I got a good version of the sabaton pattern ironed out last night. There's going to be some triming on the edges, but it should work pretty well with relatively little waste. I'm not completely sure how the curvature of the foot near the toes is going to translate into the shape of the profile. In the St. George effigy the taper from the wide part of the foot to the toe is pretty straight, though in my version it's a touch more curved. The tip of the shoe I have underneath (one of the Historic Enterprises turn shoes) doesn't want to bend down quite like the effigy does, so I might have some trouble getting the exact shape anyway without a new shoe- but if I do get that shape I'm not sure how to keep the toe from dragging on the ground. There may be some tricks to articulating it, allowing the toes to droop past horrizontal only in the areas where my foot would support it. Droopy toes are a fairly common feature in effigies, so I imagine sabatons really did do that. Here's a late 14th century French effigy which seems to line up with my thinking on the matter:

So tonight, I trace the patern out of 410 and begin shaping. I might save some cash and frustration doing a prototype in mild or 4130, but there's so much work involved in shaping that I just want to commit to it for good or ill. If it works, awesome. If not, I might be able to salvage parts or sell it.
Speaking of selling, I have to check with Max if my 4130 sabatons sold at Pennsic...


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