International Maile

I've been obsessing a bit lately about maile. Specifically maile at the ankle and the throat. With the sabaton work I've been doing hopefully my concern about these images from the Black Prince's tomb will make sense:

So there's maile showing in the gap between the sabaton and the greave. You can also see it at the back of his knee (and in the St. George effigy), so it's likely he's wearing a full maile chause. That's potentially a lot of weight, cost, and a fitting problem. I'm playing with the idea of doing maile which rivets to the sabaton and the greave, and covering my legs with fabric. It's a hack, but I might just do it. I hang my head in shame.

I hate my gorget with what's becoming a seething passion. You can see it in my profile pic at the moment. Spare your eyes, as it's a turd rendered in leather mostly to pacify marshals. In the sources I've found which show them it looks like this is what I should be wearing:

1370-1390Drakenborch Utrecht Holland

Du Guesclin, the Mastiff of Britainy. If it's good enough for le Crapaud, it's good enough for me.
I found that Master Geoffrey the Younger and his wife are wearing similar collars now, and I sent a mail off to him to get more details on how he made them. I can weave maile OK, but on the time table I have for Gulf War it's hard to pack this extra thing in.


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