11/19/08 Open shop report

A new guy named Robert came out to the shop this evening and managed to pattern, form and fire his first piece in 410. Here he is working on the gorget:

He'd suggested using Alan Bauldree's pattern from here and since I loathe my own pattern that's what we went with. He already had the 410. It took a couple minutes with Photoshop to get the pattern to print well, and he was off to the races. Note for other folks- come prepared, and you get stuff done!

Here we see Master Jovian helping Master Peter (Max) do some hot work on a helm:

Max wailing away with a raising hammer. You can see Jovian's new shield in the background. The yellow looks kind of brown in this pic, but it's really a fantastic mustard. I dig it. I didn't get any new shots of the shield boss Jovian's raising for it.

A piece of Robert's new gorget heating in the forge:

I decided we were close enough and that there wasn't enough left to do to really wait, so Max and I chipped in a bit of elbow grease to help Robert finish his piece. He'd done a lot of the shaping, tried his hand at rolling and flaring to some decent success, we just work faster than he can yet. So Max cleaned up the shaping a bit and I finished the rolls and flares, and popped some holes in.

Robert's first quench!

So the only thing I really got done was replacing a gauntlet rivet I blew on Tuesday in a great series of glaive fights with Sir Gideon, but I had a really nice time tonight. It was fun helping Robert along with his piece, which turned out quite good. Folks liked the cider I brewed enough to ask for the recipe. We got to get some stuff red hot. Life is good.


Anonymous said…
Sorry I missed it...but I'm not sorry I got to see William/Artorius win his first wrestling match!


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