Bright Idea

This is one of the stakes I fired last night for Master Peter:

He'd braised the shaft to the head, but wanted the whole thing heated up to get the brass to really flow and penetrate.
The open work shop was busy last night. Here are El Generalisimo Caladin and Master Jovian:

Don Maelgwyn working on a 4130 demi-gaunltet we fired:

Cal working on his new helmet:

Barnet's finishing up his knees, and Jovian's working on a center boss for his spiffy new shield. We're making the boss very deep like most of the surviving originals. I'm starting to suspect I pushed Jovian to start with too big a blank, but we do have a lot of depth to add still.

This is the second stake head, which has a collar braised to it. There was a ton of flux on it, but that helped make a good bond.


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