Annealing the greaves

There's a bit more of a swoop out at the calf than I was able to capture in this picture:

I have to anneal these guys to get the edges to match up the way I want, since they're getting quite springy. They even ring when I hit them. This does give a pretty good idea of what the final shape will be like.

I found a great way to shape the ankle: with the deeper curve of my swedge block and a straight pein hammer. It's pretty much like rolling an edge, but you start deeper in from the edge. The bonus is that since you're working over a curve it encourages the ankle to close, rather than when you're working from the outside where it encourages the ankle to open. The somewhat acute curvature of the hammer face helps. I meant to snap a pic, or even do a little video of this approach but ended up tossing the pieces into the forge.


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