Belated open shop post

Two weeks ago we had a madhouse of a shop. Six guys came over and had a ton of projects to do. Folks got a lot done too.
Barnet's in the fore ground tuning the articulation on his leg harness. Left to right in the background are Aedinius (my squire) cleaning up his gear, Don Maelgwyn doing God knows what on the bench, and Master Jovian refurbishing his helmet.

The Rudy's cups on the stump are full of beer and cider (and in that heathen Barnet's case, tea) from the fridge of wonders. It's unnatural how much I love that fridge.
Casey and Jason were doing more turning work, after they fixed up the spur I'd buggered up trying to turn metal on my wood lathe. Thanks guys!

We video taped a failed attempt at some bronze casting. But it's too long and embarrassing to post here. Master Jovian brought me some class notes last week which should improve our techniques. I still really want to make a knight's chain of Burgundian fire strikers like the Order of the Golden Fleece wore, and bronze seems like the right way to do it.
I didn't even take pictures of the shop last week, but we had a lot of the same crew, and Martel came out get the gauntlets Sir Jean-Paul made for her ready to wear. (Quick aside on Sir Jean-Paul de Sens- he's a very cool guy, and I believe he must be my evil twin. We're both Ansteorran knights, we both really dig fighting pole arm, both of our personae are Burgundian, we're both armourers working in spring steel, and we're both engineers professionally.) We tinkered with body armour options for her, Casey did some planishing on the breastplate Clalibus gave her, and I sent her home with a pair of my old steel legs. Maelgwyn cut out more plates for a jack, we improved the peripheral vision on Master Jovian's helm, and generally tinkered with stuff.


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