Left greave clean up

I'm in the long slog of cleaning up the greaves. I the tried muriatic acid Master Peter gave me, but the fumes were pretty nasty, and I don't yet have a way to fully submerge the greaves in it. It seemed to do OK, but after all the work I've done on the greaves I was hesitant to play in the acid too long, so I rinsed them off thoroughly and moved on. I burned through a couple of the brown Gator wheels. They work well, but not for long, and they're about $8.50 each. What you see below is the result after playing with acid, belt sander, flap wheel sander, and $17 worth of Gator wheels.

I picked up a couple more flap wheels which are more cost effective and made some decent progress tonight in a short amount of time. I don't think I'll be getting these guys to a perfect shine at this point. There are a number of small dents that I didn't see before firing that are now very tough to remove, and some spots are getting thin. It feels like I need to move forward and just finish this pair so I can reach the next level with my next attempt.
The steel order came in last week, so I have a lot of 0.030 410 in the shop to play with. I just have to cut some stuff out and do some work.


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