4/1/9 Open shop

Eleanor's helm made a major step forward. It's all welded up and looking far more helm like than ever before. We spent some time adjusting the tail, poking out some small dents and planishing the sides so they match. The occular is a bit over an inch in the openings so we'll need to shrink them down a bit. Ysfael worked on elbow cops- it looks like we lost some of his earlier work just to the clutter of the shop, but he's getting back on track with them. We trimmed and adjusted some minor issues Reynard had with his leg harness at Gulf War and started to polish them back up. Jovian made patterns for a new leg harness for Lysts at the end of this month and we worked on figuring out sabatons for him. I made some repairs to my gauntlets.
Leather's kind of a necessary evil for me, but I have to rave about the little leather punch I picked up at Tandy. It's a single size plier style hand punch that was only like $8, but it's made leather work not completely suck. I'm not breaking needles off by trying to punch them through 8oz hides any more, the work is far quicker and more precise. The world's a better place when you have the right tool for the job.


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