Lysts 2009

Centurion Caladin organized a melee modeled after the Combat of the 30 and The Deed of Arms at Gulf War for out Lysts at Castleton event. I organized a lance to enter the fray, hired heralds, commissioned and purchased ransoms for the team. It was all kinds of awesome. The pictures below were taken by Josh (aka Hands) who plays mandolin with our music guild.

Opening ceremonies. You can see our two heralds, Ioannes, who's carrying the insanely spiffy banner Isabella made for me, and Jasmine the Joyful, after heralding us onto the field with a proper heralding trumpet, is reading the script she prepared for our introduction. Aedinius is to the right.

Martel and me just after the opening ceremonies. Note the John the Fearless inspired hat with hat jewelry by Jeanne-Marie.

My squire Aedinius was a death dealing machine. He stuck by my side, and made so many opportunities for me to capture folks it was unreal. Here he is with me sporting his new helm (which is tinned. Tinned! Be jealous, Romanii) and stainless spring steel scale he made.

Here we are working together to take these guys out- it was a counted blow melee, so he probably took a crack to the body with that big axe and just kept on truckin'. The man's a tank!

A good shot at some of the lance. Sir Gideon joined us, and was devastating as always despite competing in the jousting, mounted combat and the pas all on the same day. Clalibus is on the left ripping people apart, and Martel is about a step away from destroying the line with her glaive.

I love this one since you can see some of the great embroidery that Clalibus does, and get a hint about what Master Jovian would do to you if you tried to lay some stick on it.

To my team-
Saturday was so much fun I can't really explain it. It was a blast getting to fight as a team with folks I'm such good friends with. I was proud of how well you guys worked as a team to support each other on the field, and how amazingly well our heralds and support crew took care of us. I had to wrack my brain a couple times to find stuff to keep people busy because everything just kept getting done. I'm stunned and humbled at the energy, time, and creativity so many of you put into this event. This was the kind of moment I joined the SCA for.
Martel- Your enthusiasm for the cause and skill with a glaive were both well evident. Thanks for covering the flanks and kicking bootay.
Aedinius- You were a death machine. Looking at the photos just reinforces the fact that you were always close by me, and most of the time you were clubbing someone into submission.
Jovian- I'm not sure if everyone else realizes how much work you put into your harness for this weekend- he was wearing new greaves, knees and cuisses he'd made himself, a new houpeland, and he took the risk of fighting in a pig face for the first time. It turned out great! It seemed like every time I turned to check our flank or backfield you were busy finishing off yet another guy and dragging him off to the heralds.
Clalibus- Despite no sleep and a trying night- heck a trying year so far- you were a dynamo. I think a lot of folks were stunned at your prowess, and I know a lot of people stopped just to watch you. I'm honored that you joined us.
Ioannes- Are you sure this was your fist time heralding? Didn't seem like it. You looked great, projected wonderfully, and kept the energy up. You deserved every award you got Saturday and more.
Jasmine- Your writing and delivery were absolutely charming! I'm sure other lances were jealous that we snapped you up as a herald.
SigriĆ°r- A few folks asked if the heat was bothering me. It really wasn't and a lot of it was because you never let my cup go empty, and the water was always ice cold. Your organization and support really made us more effective on the field, and helped me have an even better time. Thank you!
Jeanne-Marie- I LOVE my new hat bling! And who knew pineapple was the perfect fruit to much on in a melee? The only ransom I had to deliver included your chocolates and they were a big hit! Thanks!
Zacharia- I can't say how great the beads were, and how much I enjoyed giving them out. Thanks for making such a memorable and permanent token of such a fantastic day.
Gideon- You're an inspiration. I probably had three conversations that day with folks who were watching you joust, or fight and heard them say, "I want to be like him."


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