More pictures from Lysts

First set by Mary Vitartas
These are most of the fighting members of our lance. Sir Gideon's not in the shot. Left to right there's Master Jovian in red, me, Ioannes (one of our heralds), Clalibus, Martel (in white) and Aedinius.

Gideon and Martel cleaving through a line.

Sir Corwin trying and I trying to eviscerate each other. He's an intensely fun fight, and I like seeing my sabatons in action.

Second Set I posted my favorites from this collection in my last entry.

Third set taken mostly by Hakon, Jasmine's brother.
This shows how Aedinius helped me get a lot of captures- he tied a guy up and let me club him. Tomas is seriously preux, but in a two on one with aggressive opponents and a buckler the cards are seriously stacked against him.

This is some of my best evidence of what this day was all about. I'd just captured this guy. He clearly put some effort into assembling a good harness, making a neat weapon, and look at the ear to ear grin on his face.


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