Battle of the Nations

This spring, for the first time, America is sending a team to The Battle of the Nations.  I'm on that team.
  The video in the link gives you a very quick taste for what it looks like.  They fight with rebated steel weapons, and there are judges in place to push folks to have internally consistent harnesses.  There's a little youtube series on the event based on the previous meeting in Ukraine that starts here
  I'm very excited. 


:O Wow, you are among the 50 best fighters on america? Congratulations!
I'm pretty good, and I'm always training to become better. This particular venture is very new to Americans. Some guys are content being top dogs within the games they're already playing. Some have a deep understanding of the theory, can teach the technique, but maybe they don't have the melee reflexes or stamina for this. Some don't feel comfortable with the extra risk of fighting with steel weapons. Some don't have the armour, the weapons, the cash, or the time off to get to Europe. So there may be many guys who are better than me in some way. But I do have all of those things, and the fighting experience to have a shot at making my country proud.
I see, good luck over there and give them hell!

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