A crazy shop night, and dishing a helm

Last night's shop was wall to wall people.  It was pretty nice, and unusually productive for the number of folks who came out.  I got a brief moment to snap a pick with about half the folks in the room:

We had a solid dozen at one point.  We got splints, gauntlets, body plates and arm harnesses fired, a lot of stuff got polished, some neat legs got built, a new body harness got started, things got articulated and dished, and we even had time for some experiments in acid etching.  Plus I got my CO2 tank back so we had enough pressure to finish off the cider keg, and chew into a pretty tasty smoked ale.

This afternoon I cut out and dished the big plates in the skull of a new armet.  The shaping work took about an hour.  I started the dish cold, then tossed the pieces in the forge and pushed them farther hot.


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