Preparations for Battle of the Nations and Gulf War

I've been going on serious runs a few times a week now since December, lifting weights, and going through little drills I've devised.  On Friday I joined an MMA gym.  I had some 1:1 coaching from a kick boxing champion, and took a submission wrestling class on Sunday.  I'm starting to feel like what we've most of us have been doing in the SCA isn't really training.  I do drills there with my students, but the physical conditioning level we shoot for is so much lower than this gym is pushing me for.  The difference is kind of crazy.

So tonight I'll be fighting in my maile and gambeson to get more ready for Battle of the Nations and Gulf War, specifically for The Deed.  I've been working out in my maile, and ended up tailoring it a little since it made me feel like I was drowning.  Something about how the gambeson and the maile interact put just enough pressure on my throat to cause some mild panic.  It was like fighting while being water-boarded.  So that's taken care of.  Centurion Maelgwyn and Sir Gideon are interested in fighting in The Deed, so we'll be doing some fights by those rules.  It's not as brutal as BotN, but it has a closer flavor, and the armour is more similar.


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