My Churburg #13 pattern

This is what I start with when I make a Churburg #13 body harness:

The belly and lung plates patterns are folded over so they could fit on the scanner, what you'll see is two pieces for each.  They should line up simply.  You'll want one belly plate, and two of every other plate.  I typically roll the top and bottom edges.  This is sized to fit me, and it has a fairly deep curve in the chest.  It should sit between your collar bones and just below your solar plexus.  The quarter is on there to help you scale your print out properly.  The easiest way I find to make a pattern from a print out is to print it at the right size, spray glue it to a piece of card stock and cut it out.  The extra stiffness and durability will help when you're tracing your patterns onto the steel.


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