A challenge

I've posted this in a couple places but I'm looking to boost the signal on it.

The Deed at Gulf War is one of the most fun things you can do in armour, and I'm interested in finding ways to improve the quality of not only The Deed itself, but of late 14th century portrayals as a whole. It strikes me that we've been letting ourselves (really, me too) get away with a few things that are, at best, statistical outliers in our kits. Based on Dr. Strong's data here.
It looks to me that both the English and the French forces should be wearing enclosed steel greaves and full sabatons. I know greaves and sabatons are difficult to make, expensive to buy, and might only really change your game for this one fight. Trends changed so fast in the 14th century that what you see in the 1350s (remember the Combat of the 30 was in 1351) were pretty different from the 1380s. A shynbald is solid choice for The 30, but Doug's data doesn't support it as "right" for The Deed. It should be a cased greave. I wouldn't be surprised to find a few instances of folks of the knightly class with no sabatons in the 1380s, but in France and England, at least in their effigies, they wore them.

So I'm throwing down the gauntlet here. I'm going to take my kit up a notch this year, and challenge you to do the same. Make it epic. I want to fight folks who have gone the extra mile on this, and not only fight in correct harness, but do so with great skill. I promise if anyone can wearing cased greaves and sabatons can capture me in The Deed in 2012 they will get an exceptional ransom.

I don't mean this statement to dissuade folks with an otherwise appropriate harness from coming out. You have to have at least a frontal greave to play, and I STRONGLY recommend a full face plate and maile. Come and play. Make it amazing.

Sir Gaston de Clermont, OL, General of Ansteorra, Captain of the French forces in The Deed 2012.


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