Adjusting goals and wasting time

On nights with practice I can't really work in the shop, so I'll be adjusting my goals to have at least 105 minutes of work in the shop every week. It's the same total time as 15 minutes a day, and it's more sustainable. I'd love that to be spent entirely on my big armour project, but it just doesn't seem possible. Last night and part of this morning was spent building a new sword, fixing the basket hilt, and cutting out, sanding and painting a new shield. They're necessary evils if I want to keep fighting, but sometimes they just feel like distractions. Even with good gauntlets my hands are getting chewed up fighting glaive. My thumb has been sore for almost 3 months now, and my other little injuries are just now healed from the demo two weeks ago. I need to finish the shield, build a new glaive, re-pad my helm, and polish the old vambrace.


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