Sept 24th open shop

Tonight we had double the attendance of last week! Maelgwyn and I worked on his gauntlets and demi-gauntlets a bit. Caladin and I improved the pattern we worked on last week for his helm and he dished half the skull. I fixed a couple things on my gauntlets and made some progress on my sabatons.

The last lame isn't articulated yet, as I'm still trying to iron out the shape.

That nice crisp tapering in from the left disappeared at some point. I tried to get it back for a bit tonight, but it was elusive. More hammering is required. I'm really hoping that I can take a pattern off this sabaton and translate it quickly to the right sabaton. I'm pretty happy with the look over all, but this is taking WAY too long.

Practice last night went pretty well. Because I'd ripped my shield apart to salvage edging materials I ended up fighting glaive all night. It's weird that glaive's become sort of my crutch. I taught a couple lessons, and had a good long series of fights with a couple guys. I did well against duke Kein, though he was fighting polehammer and sword- not a style I would have chosen, but his right gauntlet threw a plate on our first pass and he switched up. Getting in a few miles on the bike this week seemed to help, since I won a lot of my bouts due to mobility and endurance.
I've been a few pounds over my target weight since August. I have to write this down to hit the goal: no ice cream, cookies, beer, candy or fried food until I'm at 193 or less. It should only be 2 pounds away, I just don't want this slip to linger.

We got some bad news today- it looks like our dog Moe's bladder cancer is back with a vengeance. There's blood in his urine, and on the ultrasound it looked like much of the tumor is inoperable. He acts fine, happy, playful even.


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