Everybody's buddy George

I'm tacking a couple pictures on after the initial wave of Georges. The first two here are from sources in British hands, though the armour style is common in France.

I'm told this fellow is a Bavarian St. George from the 1390s, now residing in Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Munich:

I believe this is from Castello San Foresco in Milan

It's particularly interesting that he has plate sabatons, but maile defense on his arms.

This fellow is from the cathedral of St. Albans, done around 1370:

The spaulders showing seems to be pretty classically English in this era.

I've been working in the shop with some regularity lately, but I've been getting bogged down with making a new shield and sword. The shield isn't done yet, and I stripped my last shield apart for edging material, so I'm stuck fighting great weapons tonight. The new shield's going to look pretty good though.


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