Practice update

Practice last night was OK. I fought glaive all night and did pretty well even while trying some new techniques. My stick is really springy, tattered and needs to be replaced. That's one of the frustrating things about making new gear- all the distracting maintenance of my existing equipment. My accuracy with thrusting is getting really good, but I was light on power most of the night and my endurance wasn't stellar. All of these vacations and a little extra weight are catching up to me.
I met up with Lucious, Rhys and Martel at the Dog and Duck afterwards for a couple beers and had a fantastic time. I didn't realize it was after 1AM until I looked at my watch.
It's time to get the armour shop started back up again. I'm wondering if doing a mini-class would help, and maybe having everyone focus on one kind of thing again like we did with the spaulders. Legs would be cool, but folks would have to dedicate a number of weeks and buy metal before they start. They could learn a ton doing them. A simplified arm harness should be do-able. Shield bosses would probably be very popular and relatively simple to do. We'd have to order some thicker steel to keep folks from blowing through them, but they're a good project.
Damien, the violinist in my music guild has been busy preparing a class on musical ornamentation, which led him to arrange a version of "Fontaine a Vous Dire le Voir." This led me to dig into its origins, and it appears it was written by a composer for the Valois dukes of Burgundy. I ended up making my first Wikipedia contributions on the subject here.


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