Sabaton pics

I wedged in about an hour and a half in the shop this evening. I found that it's easier to shape and articulate at the same time. My last attempt at just shaping left me frustrated and not very eager to get back into the shop, but changing the approach has helped a lot.
Here are the pics of the progress:

I'm working on the transition between the pretty vertical part of the foot near the ankle and the much flatter part near the toes. The St. George has surprisingly flat feet, as does du Guesclin, and I'd like to mimic those.

With the little curve I put into the lames the articulation's a breeze on these.

I played with the 410 more this evening. The pieces I'd fired and tempered a few weeks ago were still in good shape, so I hammered on them, and bounced up and down on one of them about 50 times to see if it would loose its elasticity. They performed great. It's resistant to forming roughly like 10ga of the same width might be, but springier. There's a slight grain to the steel which I might have to take out with the sanding wheels, though left in the steel looks very much like moderately well cared for mild. It seems as long as I don't put a piece in a vice and actively try to snap it this recipe should be OK.

OK- I should be half way done with the greaves by now and I'm not even done with one sabaton. I'm not pleased with my progress over all. I vow until the end of September to spend at least 15 minutes in the shop every day.

I really need to spend some time repairing my gear. My weapons are the worst. They're really just shameful masses of broom.


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