Habemus papam

I've been narrowing down my persona bit at a time, and it now seems to be the day to choose a specific year for it to be. I'm still waffling a bit, but 1395 and 1396 both sound good. I'd like to be part of Jean the Fearless' crusade which ended in his capture at the battle of Nicopolis. (And I just had to edit the wiki while I was there. The darn things are like Pringles!)

What I'm really interested in right now is who my pope is. Despite the waffling, it looks like I'd follow Benedict XIII, who's pictured here getting, um, popified. At least the French acknowledged him as the pope, and it doesn't appear the that relationship with the Burgundians was so bad at this point that they disagreed on the matter.
I ended up editing the related wiki on the whole pope/anti-pope deal here.


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