First open shop night of fall 2008

Turn out was light tonight, but we patterned a helm top for Caladin (el Generalisimo of the mighty Ansteorran army), had some nice conversation about all kinds of stuff, and I made some progress on my sabatons. Here's the before and after pics:

I'm happy that I'm getting the more abrupt tapering like the shoe has. It's tapering from the right a bit more than I'd intended, and it's a touch snug on my foot. Both should be fixable with a little bending. To get this shape I had to pop a bunch of the rivets out and adjust each lame as it contours into the next. I did some planishing on the pieces to fix some of the ripples I put in by forming them while they were riveted together. Getting the rivets out was more pain than it should have been, and I ended up cutting two of them.


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