Fitness update

I rode 3 miles this morning, and though it was on the flatter route, I kept up a good pace. I haven't been good on my diet. I managed to avoid fried food (though I'm in denial about nachos being fried) but I had cake at Gunvardr's wedding on Saturday, and ice cream Friday night. I'll have some cake today, since it's my birthday. Despite all that, I'm half a pound from my goal weight.

Kegged a great cider last night and started another batch on the same yeast. I'm really liking the English cider yeast I used. It packed down tight, but more importantly it made a fantastic brew in less than a month. Less racking, with a nice clean taste? Can't beat that.

I managed to untwist the toe piece on the left sabaton, and shrunk the gaps a bit last night. I'm going to find some square stock for a form to fire it on. 1/4 inch should be sufficient, and it might bend OK cold. I'm going to then flip it over and try to use it for the right foot so they're identical. It'll probably need to have extra holes drilled in it, which will be kind of a pain, but it should be worth it. I'll build a handle into the frame so it's easier to pick up, and reduces the warping.


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